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Sun Salt produces quality salt and salt products for the industrial, agricultural and household markets in South Africa.

Sun Salt Services, under the holding company Salt Refiners and Packers Holding (Pty) Ltd, produces in excess of 100,000 tons of salt per year.

Salt is Necessary to Sustain Life

Many industries, including the spice, baking, food processors and manufacturers, meat and agricultural industries use our salt. Our range of salt includes large coarse crystals to fine salt, iodated and non-iodated. We also supply a high-quality kiln-dried salt which is used in many different applications across the country.

Salt makes food more delicious – it’s the ideal ingredient to open up or release different flavours in food and in so doing, salt is a key component of food for flavour balancing.

Pool Salt

Sun Salt produces quality salt for use in swimming pools. For application instructions, please click the link below.

Koi Pond Salt

Sun Salt produces Koi Pond Salt to ensure the health and happiness of your koi. For more information, please click the link below.

Salt for Wholesale and Retail

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Salt is used mainly as a means to enhance flavour and also as a preservative but it is also an essential nutrient which plays an important role in the human body’s homeostasis.

Salt for Baking

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When it comes to texture, salt plays an important role. This is especially beneficial in the bread or dough industry. The salt affects yeast fermentation and also the formation of gluten which will affect the texture of the dough and the final texture of the bread.

Salt for Spice Blending

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Salt is the key to making food and spices more delicious and for adding a vibrancy to other flavours and also for creating a balance of flavour.

Salt for Food Processing

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The flavour of salt also enhances or affects other flavours such as sweetness and bitterness. Used in small amounts salt will intensify the taste of sweetness. For example, adding a small amount to caramel will enhance the sweetness of the caramel. Salt is used in the olive industry to ‘de-bitter’ the taste of the olives.

Salt can be used as a binding agent due to the salt causing the formation of protein gels. The gelatinisation of proteins is necessary for the formation of cheese.

Salt for Meat Processing

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In processed meats, salt plays a role enhancing and maintaining the colour, whether natural or artificial. It helps to prevent the product from discolouring.

It can be used as a binding agent due to salt causing the formation of protein gels. The gelatinisation of proteins assists in holding the processed meat together.

When it comes to meat preservation, curing is one of the oldest methods used. It was used extensively prior to the discovery of refrigeration. It acts as a preservative by drawing the moisture out of the fresh food. For example, Biltong. Microbes or bacteria need moisture for survival. They are unable to exist if there is a presence of salt.

Salt for Agriculture

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Animals also need sodium and chloride for survival so supplementing livestock rations with salt is a good way to maintain ideal weight gain thereby increasing yield and performance.

Salt can be mixed into feed or fed independently. It can be used to regulate the mineral intake of the animal without daily feeding.

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Salt should be used responsibly and in accordance with the WHO  Salt Intake Guidelines.

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