Crystal Clear Swimming Pools

Made possible with salt chlorination


Salt for Agriculture

For salt licks and chemical production


Salt for Food Processing/Manufacturing

From Sun Salt


Koi Pond Salt

For a clean pond and healthy Koi

Welcome to Sun Salt Services

Sun Salt produces quality salt and salt products for the industrial, agricultural and household markets in South Africa.

Sun Salt Services, under the holding company Salt Refiners and Packers Holding (Pty) Ltd, produces in excess of 100,000 tons of salt per year.

Salt chlorination

Sun Salt produces quality salt for use in swimming pools, making the water gentler on your skin and requires less maintenance than pools treated with chlorine.

Salt for agricultural purposes

Sun Salt produces salt for agricultural purposes, including salt licks for wildlife, and....

Salt for food processing/manufacturing

Sun Salt produces salt for food processing and manufacturing and ...

Koi Pond Salt

Sun Salt produces Koi Pond salt for use in Koi Ponds and...

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